Testimonials from CIARA DANCE Parents & Students

“At Ciara, students can choose from a variety of dance classes where they will learn from teachers who are not only passionate about dance, but about helping each and every student build self confidence.  Students learn excellent technique in dance, in a caring environment where the dancers support each other.  We came to Ciara to learn to dance and got so much more from the phenomenal teachers and staff!!”  

~ Jean Grabow, Mother of 11 year old daughter Elena

“Ciara is more than a place to dance.  The training is top-notch, and the highly skilled teachers focus on proper technique, excellence and strength.  My daughter is currently in Mrs. Louise’s ballet class.  Mrs. Louise is a talented, passionate and vibrant instructor who creates a positive and joyful atmosphere for her students.

What sets this studio apart from others is the spirit that exists here.  It is one of love, encouragement, support, cooperation, friendship, and unity.  After class last week my daughter remarked, “I want to be a better dancer because it makes my whole group stronger.”  The studio’s environment sponsors this kind of attitude.  It is in the owner, teachers, students, parents, and support staff.  The uplifting energy at Ciara is one of the reasons why so many of us feel at home here.

If you are an aspiring dancer or just want to take a class for fun, you can find something to meet your interests and skill level.  The best part is that whatever you choose to do here, you will be welcomed by everyone with open arms.”

~ Suzanne & Patrick Callahan, Parents of 9 year old daughter Francesca

“My daughter has been going to Ciara Dance since she was four years old.  We had started a t a different dance studio but were not happy.  Four of us moms got together and marched in one day and said we have four little girls, do you happen to have a class available at this time.  Ms. cindy was so accommodating.  She opened up a class right away.  From that moment on we were hooked.  My daughter has truly grown into a beautiful dancer.  She joined the Ciara Stars 5 years ago.  That group has changed her life.  She now has amazing self confidence and a family away from home.  She spends all of her time with the girls in her company and she truly loves every minute.  Under Ms. Cindy’s leadership Maya has flourished.  I couldn’t be more thankful.  We are blessed for the wonderful friends she has made, the fabulous teachers that have amazing patience and dedication and of course for our fearless leader Ms. Cindy.”

~ Debbie Satnick, Mother of 12 year old daughter Maya